Reopening Survey Report

Reopening Triangle Insight: Survey Report and Decision
From the TIMC July Newsletter

As many of you know, TIMC sent out a survey on June 20 to assess the interest and willingness of our sangha to again meet in-person at the Episcopal Center. The board is deeply grateful to all those who took the survey, and grateful again for the many thoughtful comments to express personal concerns, suggestions and a great desire to help with the mechanics of meeting at the EC, as well as on Zoom. 

After discussing the responses, percentages, and comments, the board found that, as expected, there was enough interest in continuing with Zoom, even after starting to meet at the EC, to support keeping this option going forward. The board is actively pursuing how to make Zoom a permanent part of our sangha experience.

Because the coronavirus pandemic is still active in the larger community and there appears to be a local increase of the Delta variant (with other coronavirus variants possible), the likelihood of infection discourages indoor gatherings, even though it appears many of our sangha are fully vaccinated. WHO and CDC pronouncements on Delta’s transmissibility are in flux as more information is analyzed world-wide, but considering the overall connections that our sangha has with the larger community, the board has, with regret, decided to delay reopening in-person meetings at this time. Our promise is to revisit this situation over the summer months and reconsider our status in late August or September, when Duke is back in session and other schools start classes. We will be required to follow both the Duke and Episcopal Diocese guidelines as the building is on Duke property but owned by the Diocese.

Here are a few statistics from the survey:
We sent the survey to subscribers of the Newsletter email list as well as the two Zoom lists. The total number of surveys sent was 689, with just under half opening the email. Of the 325 recipients who opened the survey, 107 clicked to open the survey, and 86 people thus far responded to one or more of the six questions. About two-dozen survey-openers also left comments where this was available. The statistical average of responders to the number of participants who opened the survey, about 25% so far, was deemed adequate for drawing some conclusions.

  • Q1 “How likely are you to attend sangha meetings in person . . . ?” demonstrated that 35% of respondents were either Extremely or Very Likely to attend in person, while 27% were Moderately Likely. Nearly 38% were Slightly or Very Unlikely to return in person.
  • In Q2, a large majority, almost 64%, replied “Yes” to volunteering for the setup/takedown team.
  • Q3 asked about vaccination status. 97.5% of respondents checked they are fully vaccinated. All 86 respondents to the survey answered this question (none skipped).
  • When asked, in Q4, if there were one or two additional precautions that might make in-person attendees feel more secure, the vast majority said “No” and, of those who checked “Yes,” 16 left thoughtful observations and practical suggestions.
  • For Q5, of respondents who indicated in Q1 that they were Slightly or Highly Unlikely to return to sangha in person, 39% pointed to the ease of attending Zoom meetings as their most important reason; 9% had concerns about COVID safety. 18 people left a comment with the most frequent concern being about too many restrictions and specifically, having to wear a mask.