Buddah statue at Duke Gardens

Please click here for TIMC’s Special Message in Response to Racism and Acts of Violence: A Support of “May We Gather”.

The Vision, Mission, and Values
of the Triangle Insight Meditation Community

Our vision is the possibility of personally and collectively knowing suffering, its causes, its cessation, and walking a liberating path with all beings.

Our mission is to uphold the conditions for personal and collective liberation by coming together as a vibrant, diverse, inclusive, and non-oppressive community that nourishes and supports insight meditation and Buddhist study, dialogue, discussion, and practices and applies these to daily life, making them count for our world.

Our core values guide us to create a brave space where difference
is welcomed as a source of mutual learning, dialogue, and shared spiritual growth.

  • Teachings and practice of the Buddhadharma
  • Accountability and transparency
  • Authenticity and integrity
  • Awakening and release
  • Collaborative leadership and respect for all
  • Embracing diversity and celebrating difference
  • Engagement and responsiveness
  • Generosity and giving
  • Honoring different perspectives and valuing all voices
  • Joy and gratitude
  • Kindness and compassion
  • Non-harming and non-oppression
  • Safety and refuge
  • Truthfulness and clear seeing
  • Welcoming and inclusivity

Corona Virus (COVID-19) Update

As we face the changing conditions of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have shifted from in-person meetings to holding sangha online by Zoom. We will be doing this for Wednesday evening meetings and also for Monday and Thursday morning meditation. You do not need a Zoom account to participate.

Each week we send email invitations for these Zoom meetings. We have two email lists, one for Wednesday evening sangha, and one for Monday and Thursday morning meditation.

If you haven’t been receiving email invitations for these meetings and would like to participate, please go to our Schedule page and use the forms to sign up for one or both email lists: (1) Wednesday evening sangha for Insight Meditation with Dharma teaching; (2) Monday and Thursday morning meditation. Links will be provided in the body of that webpage, or hover over the Newsletters tab and choose either form from the drop-down menu.

If you have questions or experience difficulty with the forms or instructions, please contact us at i[email protected]

While we will miss our usual gatherings, the care and connection we share extend far beyond the walls of our meeting room. Potentially, this change might even allow those unable to attend sangha in person to join us in practice.

During these difficult times, let us appreciate the sense of community we have formed over the years, accessing its potential for greater strength and deeper connection. May we greet these current challenges as an opportunity to offer patience, compassion, and care, and together may we realize the fruits of our spiritual practice.

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