In Response to the Murder of George Floyd

A Message from the Triangle Insight Board of Directors


The members of the Board of Triangle InsightBuddah statue at Duke Gardens Meditation Community feel moved to express our profound grief and pain at the horrific murder of George Floyd. His killing by a group of police officers is only the latest in our nation’s long history of senseless deaths, violence, subjugation, and callous disregard for black lives. During this time of intense cultural confrontation with the truths of our systemic racism and anti-blackness, we join with people of conscience here and around the world to affirm our intention to stand firmly with Black, Indigenous, and other People of Color.

This is a time for waking up. The path of Insight Meditation offers a way to wake up to the truth of things as they really are, including how our present reality is pervaded by the suffering of inequity and racism, which, like all suffering, is deeply conditioned by greed, hatred and delusion. The Board recognizes the many ways of working with and transforming racial conditioning. Insight Meditation is one way we share to cultivate mindfulness, clear seeing, discernment, goodwill, care, and compassion, all of which can guide us to wise action.

The current members of the Board understand that we are walking this path as privileged white people on a Board that lacks much-needed diversity. As we do our own work, we are committed to addressing this and other issues in our sangha so our community can realize its intention of inclusivity, collaborative leadership, and non-harming.

Sati, the Pali word typically translated as “mindfulness,” literally means “remembering.” We take this understanding of Sati with great care. As Ruth King describes in Mindful of Race, it is critical to go beyond the recognition that racism is with us at all times, for this very act of remembering names a reality that people of color have never had the privilege to forget. Even as we continue to work deeply with our individual hearts and minds, remembering together reveals the deeper reality of systemic racism. Racism pervades our collective conditioning. Liberation from that conditioning must be collective as well. With a shared intention to end oppression and be a force for the health, safety, and happiness of all beings, may we open our hearts and walk this path of awakening together in community.

Scott Bryce
Mike Hall
Phyllis Hicks
Cynthia Hughey
Leah Rutchick
Sarah Tillis
Ron Vereen