Triangle Insight Meditation Community was founded in Durham, N.C. in 2009 by Phyllis Hicks, Cynthia Hughey, Jeanne van Gemert, and Ron Vereen. Since starting to meet virtually on Zoom, Triangle Insight’s sangha (community) has widened to include participants from an array of locations.

In 2018, the Triangle Insight community took a heartfelt look at its values, norms and structures. Changes in board governance resulted, as did an increased responsiveness to issues emerging from the diversity of our community.

Vision, Mission and Values

Triangle Insight’s vision is the possibility of personally and collectively knowing suffering, its causes, and its cessation; and, walking that liberating path with all beings.

Our mission is to uphold the conditions for personal and collective liberation by coming together as a vibrant, diverse, inclusive, and non-oppressive community that nourishes and supports insight meditation and Buddhist study, dialogue, discussion, and practices, applying these to daily life, making them count for our world.

The core values listed at the right guide us to create a brave space where difference is welcomed as a source of shared learning and spiritual growth.

Our Teachers

Triangle Insight is extremely grateful for the wisdom and dedication of all its teachers. Three teachers, Ron Vereen, Phyllis Hicks and Scott Bryce, most frequently serve as the teachers for Wednesday night Dharma (teachings) talks and/or Insight Dialogue. Please read about the breadth of experience and learning offered by our teachers.

Triangle Insight Board of Directors

The Board works in service of the sangha, approaching our efforts as a form of spiritual practice. Board members are committed to working individually and as a community in alignment with Triangle Insight’s Vision, Mission, and Core Values, and in accordance with our bylaws. To contact the Board, write We welcome your feedback and questions.

Sangha participants and members of the larger community are invited to attend our monthly open board meetings, which usually occur at Noon on the 3rd Saturday.  If you wish to present a topic at a board meeting, please send the topic and length of time requested to no later than the Thursday before.

Date and time for the current month’s board meeting can be found at News & Events. The date and Zoom link are also emailed to those on our mailing list.

The board welcomes the participation of new board members. If you would like to share your energy and talents, please read our Invitation and contact us with questions.

tree with roots

Triangle Insight’s community life is shaped by the following Core Values:

  • Teachings and practice of the Buddhadharma (the teachings of Buddha)
  • Accountability and transparency
  • Authenticity and integrity
  • Awakening and release
  • Collaborative leadership and respect for all
  • Embracing diversity and celebrating difference
  • Engagement and responsiveness
  • Generosity and giving
  • Honoring different perspectives and valuing all voices
  • Joy and gratitude
  • Kindness and compassion
  • Non-harming and non-oppression
  • Safety and refuge
  • Truthfulness and clear seeing
  • Welcoming and inclusivity