Triangle Insight’s Board of Directors

Cornelia Kip Lee (Chair)
Rachel Porter (Secretary)
Robert Seyler (Treasurer)

Joining the board

If you want to explore becoming a board member, please send any questions to individual board members or write to We also encourage you to read:

An Invitation to Serve

The Board of Directors of Triangle Insight has openings. We are eager to enrich our efforts and our diversity through the varied experiences and talents new board members bring to their three-year terms. And, we also appreciate the efforts of participants who give time and energy to discrete tasks.

Triangle Insight has no paid staff; its vitality depends upon the generous effort of participants. Expressed in terms of Buddhist dependent co-arising, our community is dependent upon the many co-occurring contributions of those who learn and practice within it. We wish to offer a deep bow of gratitude to all who serve in leadership roles or who contribute effort or financial support.

We board members have experienced how deepening one’s involvement enlivens both our community and our individual practice. As we extend our attention and caring toward Triangle Insight — its activities, its mission and each other — we cultivate generosity, mindfulness, compassion and other forms of spiritual growth.

We encourage you to increase your participation in Triangle Insight in a way that feels harmonious for you. We hope that this will include serving on the board. To inquire, please email the board.

Thank you for your interest.