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In Response to the Murder of George Floyd
A Message from the Triangle Insight Board of Directors
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Open Board Meeting
Saturday, October 24, 2-4 pm

The Triangle Insight Board of Directors invites you to attend an open Board Meeting on Saturday, October 24, 2-4 pm. The meeting will be conducted on Zoom.

We plan to review board activities since our last open meeting in August 2019 and share ideas for Triangle Insight going forward. We also welcome your feedback and questions, and those who are interested can reserve time to make a presentation.

We’ll be sending a special email with details, including the meeting agenda, the procedure to reserve time for a presentation, and the Zoom link to join.


The Board of Directors works in service to the sangha and approaches this work as a form of spiritual practice. We are committed to working individually and as a community in alignment with our vision, mission, and values, and in accordance with our bylaws.

The current Board was elected in January 2019 when members of the sangha were added to the prior board of guiding teachers. Increasing the diversity of voices and richness of perspectives is one of the changes that emerged from Triangle Insight’s intensive exploration and evolution of its governance structure.

Sangha participants and members of the larger community are invited to attend our regular open Board meetings. Notice of meetings will be sent by email or posted on our website at least fourteen days prior to the meeting. We always welcome your suggestions, feedback, and questions.

Contact Information:
– To contact members of the Board, please email [email protected].
– To schedule Board Meeting time for a project or questions, please email [email protected].

Board Members:
Leah Rutchick, Chair
Cynthia Hughey, Treasurer
Mike Hall, Secretary
Scott Bryce
Phyllis Hicks
Sarah Tillis
Ron Vereen