Board of Directors

Scheduled Board Meetings

February 18, Saturday
Open Board Meeting, 12pm – 2pm. Zoom.The Triangle Insight Board of Directors will hold a Board Meeting on Saturday, February 18. This meeting is open to general attendance. It will take place in hybrid format, in person at the Episcopal Center (505 Alexander Ave., in Durham, 27705), and via the Zoom platform. The Board welcomes your presence as part of the audience to observe and listen to the proceedings, and you will be invited to participate at a scheduled time. Please let us know in advance any questions you would like us to consider and if you are interested in making a presentation at the meeting. All questions that can not be asked during the time of the meeting will receive a reply either in person or by email.


A Zoom invitation with agenda will be emailed to all newsletter subscribers a week prior to the meeting date. For more specific information, and if you wish to make a special presentation, please contact the Board at this email: [email protected]

For TIMC’s Special Statement:

A Response to Racism and Acts of Violence, In Support of “May We Gather,” A National Buddhist Memorial Ceremony for Asian American Ancestors (online, May 4), please click here.

An Invitation to Join the Triangle Insight Board of Directors
The Triangle Insight Board of Directors has several openings, and we are eager to enrich our work with the energy, experience, creativity, and wisdom new members can bring. This is also a valuable opportunity for us to increase diversity on the board. Details about how to express your own interest or suggest a potential board member are below.

Triangle Insight Meditation Community depends upon the energy, effort and good will of each and every one of us to carry out its activities and further its mission. Expressed in terms of the Buddhist notion of dependent co-arising, our community emerges dependent upon the many co-occurring contributions of those who participate in its unfolding. The board wishes to offer three reflections on this co-constructed nature of our community.

The first is to say thank you. A deep bow of gratitude to all of you for your participation in this unfolding process, through serving in leadership roles, through less visible but no less essential contributions of energy and involvement, through your invaluable presence and practice, and through your financial support; in all of these you express noble and admirable friendship, and the heart of the Dharma is enriched in our lives, individually and collectively. What TIMC offers to its participants and the larger community is a result of these many acts of generosity.

Second, deepening your involvement enlivens and enriches our community, and we encourage you to enhance your active participation in whatever way feels harmonious for you. We hope that for some of you this will include serving on the board.

Finally, and crucially, becoming more involved can support the path of practice. The community we co-create is a spiritual practice community, and our contributive actions on its behalf present us with valuable opportunities for spiritual growth. As we extend our care and attention toward the community — its activities, its mission and each other — we cultivate qualities and capacities such as generosity, mindfulness, compassion and good will.

Service to the community also brings us into greater contact with other practitioners, which can help mature our personal practice and provide motivation and opportunities to deepen our understanding of the Buddha’s teachings. It also offers us the pleasure that can arise from collaboration with a group of spiritual friends.

We are deeply grateful to you for sharing in our community’s co-creation. Our aspiration is for there to be a range of opportunities for more active participation, aiming toward mutual benefit for both individual practitioners and the community as a whole. Serving on the board is one path we hope you will consider.

For more information, to express interest in serving on the board, or to suggest a potential board member, please email us at [email protected].

About the Board of Directors
The Board of Directors works in service to the sangha and approaches this work as a form of spiritual practice. We are committed to working individually and as a community in alignment with our vision, mission, and values, and in accordance with our bylaws.

The current Board was elected in January 2019 when members of the sangha were added to the prior board of guiding teachers. Increasing the diversity of voices and richness of perspectives is one of the changes that emerged from Triangle Insight’s intensive exploration and evolution of its governance structure.

Sangha participants and members of the larger community are invited to attend our regular open Board meetings. Notice of meetings will be sent by email or posted on our website at least fourteen days prior to the meeting. We always welcome your suggestions, feedback, and questions.

Contact Information:
To contact members of the Board, please email [email protected].

Board Members:
Martin Steinmeyer, Chair
Cynthia Hughey, Treasurer
Marian Place, Secretary
Cornelia Kip Lee
Ron Vereen