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August 17
An OPEN Meeting of the TIMC Board of Directors  |  3:00PM – 5:00PM
In the Conference Room

Episcopal Center at Duke, 505 Alexander Ave. Durham, NC 27705

Your RSVP is required prior to 6:00 pm, August 13, so seating may be arranged.

  • For general attendance, include the name/s of those who will be coming, and put ATTENDING on the subject line.   Reply before 6 pm, Aug. 13.

  • To present a petition or raise a topic for the Board to consider, you must schedule your intention with the Board Chair. RSVP the topic in specific detail, list name of presenter(s), and how long you will need to speak.The Chair will work with you to fit your request into the time available, so submit your request as early as possible.
    Put REQUEST TIME on the subject line,  Reply no later than 6 pm, Aug. 13.
  • The Board will consider all requests carefully and return a response.
From the parking lot, follow the path around the right side of the building.



September 20-21
Insight Dialogue and Mindfulness of Race, with Phyllis Hicks and the Triangle Insight Sangha.  See Registration below.

A short non-residential retreat at the Episcopal Center at Duke, 505 Alexander Ave., Durham, NC 27705 .  September 20 from 1-5 pm  and  September 21 from 9-5 pm

Phyllis Hicks, our long-time teacher of Insight Dialogue, in conversation with other sangha members, is developing a day and a half nonresidential retreat to investigate issues of whiteness raised by Ruth King in her book,  Mindful of Race.

At the close of our time with Ruth this spring she said: “What the country is lacking right now is a critical mass of white people understanding whiteness – that’s what’s needed.”

Using the Insight Dialogue guidelines we will explore our experience of racial identity and our capacity to listen at deeper levels to social dynamics that sustain suffering. We will be listening at both an individual and systemic level. With mindfulness established, together we may see what we might not see alone.

Insight Dialogue brings together meditative awareness, the wisdom teachings of the Buddha, and the power of relationship to support insight into the nature, source, and release of human suffering.

*We suggest reading Mindful of Race by Ruth King as a helpful preparation for our time together. Please plan to attend the entire time and bring your own lunch on Saturday (no cooking available). Tea and snacks will be provided.

There is a $26.00 registration fee to cover the building rental and snacks. Scholarships are available if needed. Questions can be directed to Daya Breckinridge at [email protected]

Register Here

Dana  This event is offered as expressions of generosity from the teachers (dana). At the close of the retreat, participants will have the opportunity to offer donations to support the teachers and Triangle Insight.

Scholarships and Triangle Insight  If you would like to contribute to the Scholarship fund so that those in financial need are able to attend, or would like to make a donation online toward furthering the work of Triangle Insight, follow this link.

Donate Online Here

When making a donation online, please use the provided space to tell us where you would like to direct your contribution. Thank you for your generosity.


October 10-13, 2019 
The Fourth Refuge: Trusting in Your Own Potential for Awakening
with Susan Stone and Ron Vereen


Serenity Ridge Retreat Center
Nelson County, Virginia
Thursday 5:30 pm –to– Sunday 1:15 pm


At times we may wonder if we are cut out for the task of meditation, as the sublime qualities we desperately seek seem so far out of reach. Habitual, conditioned patterns appear as obstacles until we understand that they are our gateways to freedom. All we need to do is to stop and see what is already here. We discover that what we are striving so hard to acquire are qualities inherent in the stopping itself. What if everything we need to be free is already here? What if we simply need to be still so as to see what’s getting in the way of more ease, well-being, and insight?


In this retreat we will practice stopping, settling into stillness, and taking refuge in ourselves – the Fourth Refuge – our own potential for Awakening. Utilizing Noble Silence and the familiar Three Refuges as our support – the Buddha, the Dhamma, and the Sangha – we will engage with a variety of mindfulness practices (sitting, walking, mindful movement, inquiry, chanting, mindful speaking and listening) to reveal the stillness that is already here. We will discover that to simply stop and be with ourselves as we are is our gateway to freedom.


REGISTRATION:  Insight Meditation Community of Charlottesville (IMCC) is sponsoring this event. You may Register with them directly HERE.

Early Bird registration discounts are available through Sept. 8th. Scholarships are also available, with a link on the site to the Scholarship Application Form

For information about the teachers please click on this link.

December 5-8.  Retreat CANCELED, rescheduled for September, 2019
An Insight Dialogue Retreat on Issues around Mindfulness of Race, with Phyllis Hicks and the Triangle Insight Sangha
Due to the suspension of operations at the Avila Retreat Center, the retreat previously schedule for December 5-8, 2019 has been cancelled. A nonresidential retreat will be offered instead, Sept 20-21 at the Episcopal Student Center.
See above at September for information.