Current and Upcoming events are listed below.  For past events click here.

July 2021

July 31
Open Standing Board Meeting. 1pm-3pm.  Zoom platform
The Triangle Insight Board of Directors will hold an Open Board Meeting on Saturday, July 31. This will be the first Standing Board Meeting on a schedule approved at the preceding Board Meeting of June 27.

Standing Meetings of the Board will announced on this webpage at least 14 days in advance. They will be held on Zoom and will be Open attendance unless otherwise announced. These Meetings will fall on the third Saturday of every month, 1pm-3pm, except when circumstances require a different arrangement. This month, the Board must shift the meeting date to July 31st, the fourth Saturday, but will observe the standing meeting time. For planning purposes, please check this webpage at least 14 days in advance. Any date changes will be announced here.

If you wish to pose a question or raise an issue to the Board, please send a brief, detailed summary of your interest to [email protected] at least 2 days before the scheduled Meeting. Someone on the Board will confirm your request before the Meeting date.

June 2021

June 27
Special Open Board Meeting. 10am–12pm. Zoom platform
The Triangle Insight Board of Directors will hold a Special Open Board Meeting on Sunday, June 27 to discuss the status of Triangle Insight’s Reopening Survey, and to discuss details for resuming in-personal meetings at the Episcopal Center, which may include coordinating volunteer assistance to ensure smooth reopening, as well as what resources would be needed to continue with Zoom for meditation sessions. Creating a schedule for Regular Board Meetings will also be discussed.

May 2021

May 29
Regular Board Meeting. TIME: 2pm-4pm. ZOOM platform.
The Triangle Insight Board of Directors will hold an open meeting to announce changes in Board membership, to hear reports on a new template for the Newsletter, plans for Website redesign, a review of current supporting structures for Sangha dana activities, and exploration of new supporting structures for the Sangha community. Other topics to consider include a calendar for standing board meetings, apportioning board member responsibilities and accomplishment of tasks. A period for prepared presentations and audience comment will be opened after Board discussion, as time permits.

A Zoom address will be emailed to TIMC Newsletter subscribers at least one day prior to meeting time. To request time for a special presentation, please email by May 27th a short, informative statement of intent and estimate of time needed to [email protected].

May 13
Closed Board Meeting
The Triangle Insight Board of Directors will be holding a closed meeting to discuss procedures around filling Board vacancies and apportioning organizational responsibilities.

May 4
“May We Gather”, A National Buddhist Memorial Ceremony for Asian American Ancestors.
Observed Online, Tuesday, May 4, 7 pm – 8:30 pm, EDT. As an Ally Partner, TIMC offered this statement in support of the Memorial Ceremony.

For more information about this ceremony, please visit the May We Gather website. Additional details are in a Lion’s Roar interview with Duncan Ryūken Williams, one of the organizers of the memorial event.