Triangle Insight Programs include standing programs of, by, and for all members of the Durham sangha in Durham and those who come from elsewhere to participate in our Zoom meditations. Additional programs are under consideration, and the Board welcomes the ideas, aspirations and involvement of Sangha members in developing new programs that will support the needs of the community as it grows and diversifies.

Please get in touch with the Board of Directors if you have ideas for new programs, or would like to become involved with existing programs. The Board welcomes your input and energy, and will respond to all emails: [email protected].

Information about existing programs may be accessed in through the drop-down menus to this page.

Community Connections Committee Information:

In response to suggestions from the TIMC sangha, the Community Connections Committee (CCC) has been formed to provide a resource for outreach to the local (Triangle) community [see “Board meetings,” September 2021 Newsletter].

Beginning in January 2022, one Wednesday evening per season will be designated as a dana night for a specific local organization. The CCC will choose a local organization for suggested donations in lieu of dana to TIMC for that evening. Donations can be made by cash, check made out to the organization, or through a link included in the Zoom invitation for that night’s meeting, in the newsletter, or on the website. Donations will not be made from the TIMC account. There will be an announcement in the newsletter regarding upcoming dana nights.

The CCC has identified several categories of needs, including food insecurity, housing assistance, refugee and immigrant assistance, racial justice, women’s needs, and women and children. The CCC will develop a resource list of organizations for the website. Suggestions from the sangha are welcome and can be directed to [email protected].
The CCC will check in with the treasurer each season to be sure that there are enough funds in the TIMC bank account to pay ongoing expenses. On TIMC’s designated Wednesday evenings, all regular TIMC expenses, such as rent and honorarium for the speaker, will be paid out of the regular TIMC account.