• Kalyana Mitta Groups

    Program coordinator: Laurie Anderson
    Contact: km@triangleinsight.org

    Having admirable people as friends, companions, and colleagues is actually the whole of the holy life.
    ~ The Buddha

    Kalyana Mitta is a Pali phrase that means “spiritual friend.” Kalyana Mitta (KM) Groups are small peer groups of individuals who are committed to supporting one another in their practice and spiritual journey.

    Because KM groups are small and meet regularly over an extended period of time, they allow the development of intimacy and trust. Members can share openly and deeply, and the heart of the Dharma is enriched in their practice and their daily lives.

    While KM groups all share the intention of support for the members’ practice on and off the cushion, each group chooses its particular focus and format.

    The links on the right include KM information and resources. If you’d like to join a group, please contact km@triangleinsight.org.

    Our program continues to evolve, and we welcome your input. Please send ideas for starting a group, questions about joining a group, and questions or suggestions about the KM program to the email address above.

    We feel deep gratitude for the dedication of our community. May our Kalyana Mitta groups be of great benefit to all.