Shramadana Project


The Shramadana Project (SP) is a volunteer initiative that has been organized to address some of the needs within the sangha, as well as to provide outreach to the community-at-large. The mission of the Shramadana Project is to explore, develop, and implement initiatives both within the sangha and the community-at-large. If you are interested in supporting this mission and being a part of this worthwhile project, please contact our current coordinator, Mary Mudd, at [email protected].

Buddah statue at Duke Gardens

Caring Circles — Volunteer Assistance within the Sangha
The most recent development of the Shramadana Project has been the formation of Caring Circles, which links volunteers from our community to those in need for any type of assistance. These activities could include meals, rides to appointments, shopping, and other needs that might come about as a result of some infirmity. Assistance, however, is not limited to needs related to an illness, but could include house sitting/pet sitting, or other tasks for which one might have limitations in performing.

To initiate a request, download and fill out a Caring Circles Request for Assistance form. You can also find this form at our bookcase in the meeting room of the Episcopal Center. Give it to one of the Caring Circles coordinators listed on the form, or submit it as an email attachment to [email protected]. Likewise, if you would like to be a volunteer for Caring Circles, you may indicate your interest by writing to the same email above.

What we’re doing

Painting Day for the Episcopal Center
On Saturday, July 15th, fourteen of us from Triangle Insight gathered in the Great Room of the Episcopal Center to paint the trim that included all the doors, baseboards, and windows. Swinging to the music of Duke Ellington, Benny Goodman, Count Basie and others, we were able to put most of the paint where it belonged, in between snacks and great conversation.

Many thanks to Tanya Arbogast, Elizabeth Amend, Chanel Copeland, Ken Drum, Mary Grigsby, Leslie Killeen, Gordy Livermore, Francesca Morfesis, Mary Mudd, Barbara Shumannfang, Ron Vereen, Kate Young, and Dick Wilson for showing up.  And a special thanks to Howard Staab for coordinating the event and supplying what we needed to get the job done — in only four hour


Volunteer at the Piedmont Farm Animal Refuge
A group of us from Triangle Insight recently volunteered at the Piedmont Farm Animal Refuge in Chatham Co., where a door was hung, nails were pulled from recycled wood, fence posts were sunk, a tool shed was reorganized, and weeds were whacked. After several hours of rewarding work, we received a lovely tour of the facilities by Lenore Braford. We  met the “more than humans,” including the sheep, goats, turkeys, and chickens that have all been taken in to live out the rest of their lives in peace and harmony with the wonderful humans who care for them and who also come to visit and help support them. We also devoured a delicious vegan chocolate cake made from scratch by Howard Staab! Please visit their website by clicking on the link above to learn more about the refuge and how you can donate your time and/or money .

Current Groups within the SP

Mindfulness Training at Durham Crisis Response Center:  Coordinator — Ron Vereen
Spring/Fall Retreat Planning Group:  Coordinator — Karen Ziegler
Media Night:  Coordinator — Gerri McGuire
Caring Circles:  Coordinator — Gordy Livermore

Community-at-Large Activities

SP members are interested in volunteer opportunities with the organizations listed below. These are community organizations seeking volunteers to further their missions of nonviolence, racial and social equity, and supporting youth. The hope is this will be a way to connect us, both within the sangha and in the community, in volunteer efforts. SP participants are discussing how to be mindful of issues like paternalism, and how to define the scope of the list. Have ideas or a group to add? Please contact Mary Mudd at [email protected].

Durham Crisis Response Center
Volunteer Center of Durham (Search by keyword to find volunteer opportunities)
Spirit House (Harm Free Zone, Communities & Schools and more)
Organizing Against Racism NC
Triangle Showing Up for Racial Justice (SURG)
Southern Coalition for Social Justice
Criminal Justice Resource Center – Community Based Corrections
Reconciliation & Reentry – Religious Coalition for a Nonviolent Durham
Benevolence Farm
Dress for Success
Juvenile Crime Prevention Council
El Futuro
East Durham Children’s Initiative
Genesis Home
Walltown Children’s Theatre
Piedmont Farm Animal Refuge
Piedmont Wildlife Center
Real Durham   

Read more about this group
REAL Durham builds relationships across lines of privilege, race and class to improve economic stability for everyone. It uses a racial equity lens to connect those with and without privilege for the purpose of transferring power and better positioning those without privilege to achieve financial stability. Volunteer training is held several times a year Training is available for specific Volunteer roles to aid people in poverty in East Durham. Check out their  website for more information.

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