Dharma Talk Notes and References

A Place to Source Teacher Notes and References from
Wednesday Evening Dharma Talks

With many thanks for their generosity, the Wednesday Insight Meditation teachers invite us
to consider these references to the materials they used for their Dharma talks.

February   6:  Ron Vereen
February 13:  Scott Bryce
February 20:  Emily Griffith Burke (Guest Teacher)
December 2: Ron Vereen
December 9: Scott Bryce

November 2020 Dharma Notes
November 4:  Jean Hamilton, Francesca Morfesis, & Ron Vereen
November 11: Scott Bryce
A related talk:  Brian Lesage, 2020-11-10 Standing in Front of the Other: Going Beyond Divisiveness (an audio recording on dharmaseed.org), as suggested by Francesca Morfesis, to enlarge our resources for the topics of recent Wednesday meetings.

October 2020 Dharma NotesPreview Changes (opens in a new tab)
October 14:  Scott Bryce
October 07:  Ron Vereen

September 2020 Dharma Notes
September 30: Karen Ziegler (Guest Teacher)
September 09: Scott Bryce
September 02: Ron Vereen

August  19, Sarah Gardner (Guest Teacher)
August  12, Scott Bryce
August  05, Jean Hamilton (Guest Teacher)


July 29, Sarah Bryce
July 22, Phyllis Hicks (Insight Dialogue)
July 15, Emily Burke (Guest Teacher)
July 08, Scott Bryce
July 01, Ron Vereen


June 17, Francesca Morfesis (Guest Teacher)
June 10, Scott Bryce
June 03, Ron Vereen