Welcoming Committee

“Sangha means spiritual community, and it is treasured because without it awakening cannot be sustained.”
~ Jack Kornfield, After the Ecstasy, the Laundry

Sangha is one of the precious jewels of Buddhist practice, yet when new to a sangha, it can be difficult to meet others, learn what programs are offered, and feel a sense of belonging. The Welcoming Committee was formed in June 2018 to make this process easier, help newcomers feel welcome, and foster the experience of connection and community. Our intentions include having a diverse committee that will support a rich, inclusive sangha where all feel welcome and safe.

To give newcomers an overview of our sangha and its offerings, we’ve developed a Welcoming Committee brochure. We’re also available to talk with you at the end of Wednesday sangha. These are just a couple of our initiatives and ideas. As a new committee, our plans are a work in progress, and we’re very interested in your suggestions, feedback, and questions. Our members are listed at the bottom of this page. Please talk with one of us or email us at [email protected].

Some current initiatives:
– Have committee members available to talk with newcomers and other interested members of the sangha.
– Share information through brochures, the Triangle Insight newsletter, and this website.
– Make available name tags, which those attending sangha have the option of wearing.
– Have a sign-up sheet to receive Triangle Insight’s monthly newsletter.
– Plan small group gatherings where newcomers can meet and get to know others in the sangha.
– Deepen our understanding of any barriers newcomers experience and find ways to reduce those and encourage more inclusiveness.

With shared commitment to the dharma, we hope our work will be of benefit to all who join us in this practice.

Committee Members
Bree Kalb
Cornelia “Kip” Lee
Jack Narayan
Glaeshia O’Rourke
Donna Rabiner
Robert Seyler
Sarah Tillis